Università Politecnica delle Marche is a world-leading University driven by creativity and curiosity offering a range of expertise from leading academics. It has almost 17,000 students and include five faculties: Engineering, Medicine & Surgery, Economics, Science, and Agriculture.

The Faculty of Engineering owns modern teaching structure, equipped with sophisticated instrumentation and large laboratories, offering to students a wide variety of courses. Inside Faculty of Engineering, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Science - DIISM - plays a crucial role in the educational and training process of students and learners. The Industrial System Engineering (ISE) Research Group is active within DIISM to contribute to the advancement, development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge.


The aim of Industrial System Engineering (ISE) Research Group is to contribute to the advancement, development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, conversion and disposal of production systems, logistics and services. Teaching, research and technology transfer are performed in a line of innovation, modelling methodologies and techniques with the ultimate goal of promoting the socio-economic well-being and the sustainable development.

Maurizio Bevilacqua

Full Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Plants, Polytechnic University of Marche

Director of Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and Member of European Academy for Industrial Management (AIM). His research topics mainly focus on Design Engineering, Logistic and transportation management, Operations Management, Project Management and Supply Chain.

Claudia Paciarotti

Assistant professor of Mechanical and Industrial Plants, Polytechnic University of Marche

Her main research interests are operation management, humanitarian logistics and supply chain, business process reengineering and education. She collaborates with humanitarian associations, NGOs and international research centers.

Lodovico Mariani

Humanitarian aid senior expert

Lodovico's professional career developed on two tracks: 1) management - mainly with NGOs. In the field and in the HQs. And also both in operational (logistics, programme support) and support positions (e.g. HR, admin); 2) training - both for experienced and entry level professionals. He worked in areas of crisis and conflict, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, South Sudan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

Nathan Morrow

Needs assessment expert

Nathan has extensive global research experience with academic faculty appointments in the US and Italy. He has led evidence-based policy, procedure and programme development efforts for numerous organizations, including FAO, WFP, UNDP, WB/GEF, World Vision International, USAID, and many others.

Giovanni Di Nicola

Associate professor of Environmental Applied Physics , Polytechnic University of Marche

His research activity is oriented on environmental issues, focussing to environmental friendly refrigerants and renewable energies. Recently, he developed prototypes of parabolic concentrator solar collectors and of solar cookers with the aim of optimizing thermal efficiency, also through the use of innovative phase change materials.

Davide Berruti

Personnel Development Coordinator

From 2006 to 2011 he has been a freelancer and professor in many Masters for peace operators and as consultant for processes of reconciliation in some international cooperation projects, like “Dialogs of Peace in Kosovo” and “Dialogues of Peace in Cyprus”. From 2011 he has been working with INTERSOS, first as Head of Mission in South Sudan, Jordan, Central African Republic and Cameroon, and now as Personnel Development Coordinator.

Franco Chiaraluce

Associate professor in Telecommunications, Polytechnic University of Marche

His main skills and research interests concern reliability and security of digital transmissions, with special emphasis on channel coding, cryptography and physical layer security. Since many years he collaborates with the European Space Agency (ESA) for simulation and standardization activities.

Francesco Fatone

Full Professor of Chemical-Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University of Marche

Francesco's major research topic concerns: the biological treatment wastewater of wastewater and/or organic waste, nutrients removal and resource recovery from anaerobic digestate, xenobiotics removal and fates in WWTPs and circular economy in the water sector.

Pietro Parrino

Field Operations Director, EMERGENCY ONG Onlus

Since 2006, member of Emergency’s Board of Directors. Parrino is the operations director for all Italian and foreign missions. He spent the last 12 years working for Emergency and others NGOs in in different countries of the world.

Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica

Associate professor in Industrial Plants, Polytechnic University of Marche

From 2002 he has been giving courses of “Industrial Logistic” and “Industrial Facility Management”. His research topics mainly focus on industrial plants design, strategies for the integration of management standard and production systems, soft computing techniques in reliability analysis and maintenance activities planning, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the development of a sustainable supply chain, and Logistics.

Fausto Marincioni

Associate Professor of Enviornmental Geography, Università Politecnica delle Marche

His professional experience with government and international agencies (United States Geological Survey, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations) involved the design and implementation of government projects aimed at optimizing the use of modern information technologies for scientific exchange, natural hazard control, and emergency management.

Claudio Gatti

Humanitarian aid senior expert

Claudio has started his professional pathway in 1997 working with some of the most important European aerospace and automotive industries, developing a strong expertise in Logistics, Operations Management and Commercial Operations.

In 2005, he has joined the nonprofit sector serving with primary NGOs as Hospital Manager, CFO, Planning & Budgetary Matters Director and Head of Logistics & Procurement.